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Worthless Americans…


A National Disgrace

Recently the ass hat Colin Kaepernick has decided that the lives of men and women who have given and are wiling to give the ultimate sacrifice aren’t deserving of his respect.   I find the lack of respect for our country and Kaepernick’s fellow Americans completely disgusting and reprehensible.   This vile action is spreading across the country like the zika virus.   From overpaid whinny professional athletes, pathetically useless millennials to our youth disrespecting our country, our people and our flag has become the “IN” thing and it is F#(k!N& sick.    This conduct has led to the complete dissolve for the rule of law and caused much of the chaotic happenings that has inhabited weaker minds in America.  Most aren’t even sure what they are protesting other than their lives suck without the thought that it is maybe because of their actions that their lives suck.

Regardless of your opinion of how you feel about what is happening in your country today, you still need to stand up and respect it.   Americans have fought and died for EVERYONE to have rights, from African Americans to all women not just white men.  More than a hundred years ago hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN died to give African American’s their freedom.   Think about that for a moment…. White people died for Black people in America…..dead-soldier-antietam359,528 Americans died fighting for the freedom of enslaved blacks in America, these people deserve your respect and for you to stand for the Anthem.  It was the love of country that made segregation obsolete, thousands of white American men and women stood up for equal rights of all people and these are the people we should stand for when the national anthem is played .  It was for love of country that made America a better place for all not a perfect place or ideal place.

We all know that America is not a perfect place and it never will be, because “perfect” has a different meaning to each of us.   What America offers is the pursuit of happiness and the opportunity to be anything you want to be.  America does not guarantee or insure your success or happiness.   This ability to be whoever you want is never more evident than in our outgoing president.  The day America elected a biracial man named Barack Hussein Obama is the point where we can no longer claim that opportunity doesn’t exist.  Some may have to work harder for opportunity, some may hit roadblocks, some may feel like the deck is stacked against them but at-least in this America they have a seat at the table.

Those who aren’t willing to stand for the national anthem are misguided fools who have no idea of the history that has led us to this point and the sacrifices Americans have made.  The new brand of worthless Americans don’t realize that they are not standing in affirmation to what is happening but are offering respect to what has happened.   To all the Colin Kaepernick’s, Mike Evan’s and countless other Americans that are unwilling to support and honor the country that provides you the very blanket of freedom to do stupid shit, I say F#(% YOU…  protestFor whatever lame bullshit excuse you decide that disrespecting America in some public fashion is a good idea, why don’t you go try that shit in a VFW, Arlington cemetery or other place where those is attendance will pull your pants down and spank you right there if front of everyone for being the spoiled little disrespectful brat you are.. If there is a better country with more opportunity in it, I suggest you go there….  I will personally purchase the one way ticket for you.  God bless America and oh by the way… Merry Christmas.



This election the great Republicans of Pinellas County have a choice. The choice comes down to conservative thought, actions and beliefs. We have all watched the video of the Obama Phone Lady, in fact more than 9 million people have viewed this video.   Now I know Obama didn’t start the program, but a conservative government should have stopped the abuse.  Here are some of the facts.  The phone is free, 5oo minutes a month are free and unlimited texting.  Now some will argue that for safety and getting a job one needs a phone.  No one needs unlimited texting and I certainly don’t want to pay for it.   The only requirements to get this phone are 2 things: 1) Identification 2) your food stamp card.   I tried to get one from a guy pushing them down by the bus terminal.  I was denied because I did not possess a food stamp card.  This phone is being promoted to the low income population, given away to anyone already on the dole and being paid by the 47% of Americans who pay into the system.

I called Representative Austin Scott’s office of Georgia who sponsored H.R. 5525 – End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones Act of 2016 to discuss the reason for the bill.  According to Representative Scott’s office the bill was put forth to STOP issuing cell phones.  During my conversation I concluded this bill was an attemp to stop the government waste we hear so much about.  The house vote went almost straight down party lines with all but 7 Republicans voting in favor and every Democrat voting against except 1.

Of the 7 Republicans who don’t see issuing free cell phones as a waste of government resources, one lives and represents the great peninsula of Pinellas.  Representative David Jolly voted against H.R. 5525 – End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phones Act of 2016, in-favor of continuing a program that enriches the telecom industry on the backs of tax paying Americans for a non-vital government program that most would consider a luxury.        I personally believe that a cell phone is not a necessity that the federal government needs to provide to its citizens and therefore a waste of taxpayer dollars.    If you think David Jolly wasted your dollars than you do have a choice.


General Mark Bircher

The Republicans of Pinellas do have a choice and I think it is a better choice.  If you haven’t already mailed your ballot in, I urge you to look into Mark Bircher for Congress.  Take 2 minutes to compare Mark Birchers accomplishments to his opponents and the decision will be easy to make.  Take 2 minutes to compare Mark’s beliefs and it will be easy to vote for him.  Take 2 minutes of research and you will realize that Mark Bircher is the best man to send to Washington, he just might not have the name recognition or the backing of the Republican machine.   I’m going to vote for Mark.  I am not a political operative, insider or fanatic, I am just a guy who has done some research and made a decision and wanted to share my thoughts with those in my district.   I’m voting for Mark, because I would have never voted against ending free cell phones like Jolly.   Watch the video below and ask yourself this… Would you want that to continue?