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I am curious about the thought process of Americans today.  In days past when America was a blossoming country we were welcoming to everyone because it was good for America to invite people to join this great nation.  We need to realize that the world has changed, the country has changed and the impact on the American way of life is in jeopardy if we continue our path based on past philosophies.   As was an open door policy good for America during it’s growth, a closed door policy today is best for America, and here is why.  This isn’t to say people shouldn’t be allowed to come to America, they just need to be of value to America.

  1. hitchhiker Safety– The most important thing any government can do, is protect the safety and well being of its citizens.  This isn’t to say that everyone who enters our country is intent on harm, it merely means that if some foreigners are determined to commit atrocities on American soil we can’t and shouldn’t take the chance.  This should be referred to as the “hitchhiker theory”.  We all tell our kids they should NEVER pick up a hitchhiker, why?  Because you never know if it is safe or not, we have to make the assumption that it isn’t regardless of who they are.  Most likely the hitchhiker you see is in trouble or needs help, regardless you should not pick them up because it is simply a risk that you shouldn’t take.  This is the point I think Donald Trump has, but has not been able to Articulate well to the general American public.  Unless you always pick up every hitchhiker you encounter on the interstate, you can’t be in favor of open borders.  The risk is simply too great.
  2. pie Resources– America is not a land of endless resources.  One of the most divided debates in this country is centered around entitlements.  The Republican party is staunchly against entitlements and the Democrats are in favor of them because it appeals to their base of constituents.   We must understand, that if there are more people in need of assistance than each person will receive less.   Even the less fortunate in America should be in favor of reducing the amount of needy people entering the United States. this should not be a Democrat or Republican issue, it should merely be an American issue.  Think of America as your family, unless you wake up every day and make it your mission to invite needy strangers into your home you can’t be in favor of an endless line of those in need entering the United States.  Every single person I know cares more about there loved ones and immediate family than strangers, If you recognize the United States as your family your perspective should be such.  This isn’t to say that America shouldn’t help needy people around the world, we should, but within our ability.  The stronger America is the more it can do.
  3. muslim terror Fear – Bigotry, Islamaphobia and hatred are things that are said about anyone who is not welcoming of Muslims to America.  The fear that American’s feel is real, justified and with merit.  Unlike every other religion, the Muslim movement is NOT AMERICAN.  There are many opinions of what the Muslim faith is about, very few are similar to that of the western way of life and principals that America is based on.   We often use the term “radical” when we speak of those intent on destroying the western way of life, yet very few Muslim leaders speak out against the so called radicals.  Is it possible that the radicals are the small minority that speak out against those intent on the caliphate.  The American way of life, does not fit with the principals or Islam.  As immigrants came to America in the early 1900’s they tried to assimilate into the American lifestyle while still retaining their heritage.  Muslim’s appear to wish for the western world to be molded into their beliefs.  Survey after survey Muslim’s are in favor of sharia law over the constitution.   Regardless if your a Democrat or Republican as long as your a die hard American, you have to take a moment and think about what your wife or daughter’s life would be like if they were forced into a barbaric, archaic life of Islam.   The Baptist aren’t blowing things up, the Jehovah Witness aren’t committing mass shootings, the Buddhist aren’t beheading Christians or anyone else who opposes their faith around the world.   Fear of Muslims isn’t bigotry, it is reality and until the masses of Muslim’s defend their religion to the world and fight the so called radicals, we should all be fearful.  If you know history at all, you will know that the Nazi’s started out as a small group who were left unchecked until 7 million people died and a world war was started.  MUSLIM’S MUST SPEAK UP.  For every video we see of beheadings, riots and death we need to see 10 Muslim’s speak out against.

Remember, America was ripped from the British government, civil wars have been fought on our soil and philosophies have been changed over the past centuries, it could happen again if we are not devout to the American way of life.   I feel blessed that I was lucky enough to win the birth lottery and be born a United States citizen.  I am a walking symbol of the American Dream, I grew up dirt poor, but with opportunity and hard work I was able to make an amazing life.  My kids deserve the same and so do yours.  Freedom and equality don’t mean we should turn a blind eye to everything.

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Cliff Gephart


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