Personal Aspects:

I was born in Cleveland Ohio 7 weeks early with 0% chance to live.  I was baptized when I was 5 hours old because I was expected to die.  I received 7 blood transfusions converting my blood type from o+ to o- due to the RH factor.   My family moved to Florida and I lived a rather financially poor childhood but was provided everything else from my Mom.    I began working at age 8 mowing yards in the neighborhood until I got a job selling newspapers at age 11.  After a year I went back to mowing yards because it was much more lucrative.  While in high school I was a dishwasher, bus boy, stock clerk and I was an eyeglass specialist.

When I graduated from high school I started college at SPC f/k/a SPJC and that is when I met my beautiful wife Carla.  During college I worked as a Mortgage banker and a Bank Teller prior to going to Florida State University.  While at FSU I majored in Accounting and Finance.  After college I married that beautiful girl Carla.    Around 27 years old I was diagnosed with cancer and had to deal with that for a short period of time.  I had a daughter named Brooke in 2000 that I love immensely, she has done many things that I am proud of but here are a few.  Brooke was the state gymnastic champion on floor and beam when she was 9 and now she is enrolled in the IB program at St. Pete High.    In 2004 I became a father for the second time to Bryce.  Bryce is good at every sport he tries and really enjoys everything.   Currently Bryce is on the St. Pete Fire, a competitive Travel baseball team and is the host of a video series on youtube titled Advice from Bryce.  Bryce’s most valuable attribute is his personality.

About 5 years ago I met my Friend Sean who was in film making and he and I created my first film project called Pawn’d. Pawn’d went on to win numerous awards and receive many accolades.  From Pawn’d I have produced many other projects from full feature films to successful TV commercials.   Some people golf for fun, some play softball.  My outlet and passion is producing high quality video productions. The only regret I have in life is that I didn’t find film making sooner.

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff from jumping out of an airplane, hang gliding, shark diving, ultraliting, race car driving, etc.

My family and I love to travel more than almost anything,  my favorite restaurant is The melting Pot, I am the manager of my son’s baseball team, I have been married  20 years and counting.  I truly believe that I have lived the greatest life possible.

Professional Career:

When I was 17 years old I enrolled in and passed the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate course, but because I was only 17 I wasn’t allowed to earn my state license.  After college I became a highly successful banker working for a large super regional bank as a Vice President.  During my tenure at the bank I oversaw many aspects from Residential and Commercial lending to investments and cash management.  Concurrently with my banking job I was investing personally in real estate and by the age of 30 I had already been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions of my own as a real estate investor.  In 2001 I left banking to start a mortgage business with a friend which was very successful called Lighthouse Mortgage.  Lighthouse was so successful that a group purchased it in 2005 from us. In 2005 I took my years of real Estate knowledge and started my first real estate company which was cutting edge at the time.  During this time I built a Title insurance company in 2006 which experienced great success.   To summarize my career… over the past 2 decades I have become an expert in every aspect of the real estate industry from the details of a real estate transaction to the financing and ownership aspects involving Title Insurance.  Licenses I have held include: Real Estate Sales Associate, Licensed Mortgage Broker, Licensed Title Insurance Agent, Series 6, Series 63, Life Health and Variable Annuity. 

Recently I founded Taco Cartel.  Taco Cartel is a curbside taco business specializing in a unique taco flavored sausage to get around the laws of the state of Florida.  Go check out



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