Conservative -vs- Liberal

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There is a war on ideology in the United States that is at the very core of the country we were, are and will be.   Some conservatives believe any deviation from the Declaration of Independence is treason while those on the other side think we should shift to a more open inclusive society where the government plays a larger roll in our lives.

The reason America has been so great for so many years is because past generations have fought to hold onto and support the principles that were cast in the birth of this country.  I recognize that there are certain things that absolutely must have been changed, (i.e. slavery, women’s rights, etc.) to advance as a society but many others should NEVER be altered like the 2nd amendment, free speech and the absolute basis of our economic society CAPITALISM.   The Birth of this country started when the citizens were fed up with the amount of taxation and government imposition on them and they had this little so called “tea party”.

a welfare system that requires those receiving benefits to perform some work or to participate in job training.

We can only ask so much of the producing population to contribute to the finances of the country while those who feel entitled demand more and more.   In the past citizens who weren’t able to find work would continue to attempt to find anything, often taking something that was much less than they had before there situation worsened.  Today it appears that our society is willing to accept the limited amount of government assistance they get, likely because it has expanded so much over the years.  Today those on public assistance get housing, healthcare, education, child services, food, telephone, health insurance.  It is likely that those services combined equate to more than $16,328 per year which is the amount of a full time minimum wage job. Some have estimated that the combined basket of services have a value in excess of $50,000 per year.

Unless those who are on public assistance feel a sense of pain they will have no incentive to better their situation.  We have moved to a place in this country where the millennials believe that they are entitled to a certain lifestyle.  This belief is based on the system that has been growing and being implemented over the past 30 years.  No one should be given anything by the government without something in return such as work.  If you get housing you should be required to volunteer so many hours, if you get a phone, then guess what, you work for that also… Soon those receiving benefits will seek out greater opportunities because they are now being required to offset their benefits with efforts.

This is the conservative / liberal struggle. Conservatives believe in the no free lunch way of life while the liberals want to blame big business and the 1% fat cats.  This divide is getting larger allowing for the Bernie Sanders of the world to gain traction because those who have been receiving government assistance will continue to want more and more and this creates a vicious cycle causing those in the system to have no incentive to get out.   The way to stop the cycle is to create an incentive of those in the system to get out, the incentive could be a job that doesn’t suck.


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