Why Do I Support TRUMP?

IMG_1771Supporting Donald Trump has created a dynamic that I have never experienced before.   The detractors are so animated and aggressive that simply saying I support Trump indicates I’m a racist, bigot privileged Caucasian.   I believe it is this experience that caused Donald Trump to not do so well in caucus states where you must openly support him.   It is because of some of Trump’s positions that are important to me that I support him and it is because of some of his positions that many question my choice.   Donald Trump may not be a “true conservative” in the sense of the word that the Glenn Becks of the world like.  Donald Trump may not be a polished politician that so many are used to hearing.  Donald Trump may often speak before analyzing every aspect of topics put before him.  Donald Trump may have radical opinions and solutions to some of America’s issues and problems.

Often I think Donald Trump identifies problems facing America and is bound and determined to bring them to light and finding a solution to solve them.   Job loss is a definite problem in America, so why not limit those coming here and exasperating the problem… The Wall.  Limiting the amount of any refugees, immigrants or those taking resources from other legal American citizens seems completely rational.  Why would America not build a wall to stop anyone from coming in and taking “American” resources that could be given to our homeless, veterans, elderly, handicapped, or used to pay down our ever mounting national debt?  The Muslim issue is real and needs to be addressed and dealt with.  The Muslim community will not speak out against the so called “radicals” so someone has to and Donald Trump has.  His stance may have been aggressive, but so is the problem, but at least he recognizes there is a problem and wishes to do something about it.  I have often heard that the first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one.  The list goes on and on… American security, trade deals, deficits, UN and more that Donald Trump has brought to the political forefront and if not provided a solution he has at the very least started the conversation.IMG_2144

Whether Trump is a populist, Republican, Independent or conservative he in my opinion is the best one suited to deal with the problems I believe exist in America today.    The first day of Trumps campaign captivated me with the mantra “Make America Great Again”.  When I hear this slogan I often think of Tom Brokaw’s book, “the Greatest Generation”.   I don’t think I live in the greatest generation, I believe that America has lost it’s way has become soft and has become too corrupt.   I am supporting Donald Trump, not because I am looking for the most conservative candidate, not because I am looking for the most politically astute candidate but because I am looking for someone who doesn’t need the job but is willing to do it because it needs to be done.   Of all the candidates on both sides of the isle, Trump is the one who needs to be President the least and had the most to lose in seeking it.  I do realize that Trump is an ego maniac and being the President is the crown jewel of an ego manic.   I am sure some will say that he is a loose cannon who can’t be presidential’; to that I ask, how could he obtain what he has without the ability to get along, be diplomatic and posses the necessary intellect.  We should be thankful someone has risked so much to fight for America, and that is why I am supporting Donald Trump and I hope you do also.  Go to http://www.facebook.com/TrumpTampaBay12491848_222204134780139_3671718929075970969_o


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