The Trump Situation

448Trump is like a bear that has come into the presidential campsite at night and no one has a gun big enough to kill him or run him off, all your going to do is piss him off and then you are going to be destroyed.

It began as the summer of Trump, which was supposed to cool off; then the fall of Trump and now it’s the winter of Trump. The problem the political nation is having with Trump is that all the rules, standards and norms have been thrown out the window.  In traditional politics there is an expected cause and effect phenomenon choreographed by the political insiders and the media. The media has no control over Trump and the Republican party has no control.  MONEY, is the thing that controls most elections, candidates and voters and Trump doesn’t need or want anyone’s money. Most politicians buy media (TV, radio, print & digital) with the money they get. Trump, because of his personal brand recognition and ratings value doesn’t need to spend a dime to get attention, they come to him, causing even less need for other peoples money. What does the establishment do if they no longer have a way to get the elephant to move, a stubborn headstrong elephant.  The inability to control, impact or steer Donald Trump is the most exciting problem in American politics.

Trump has been able to do something the Republican party has wanted to do for decades… reach marginal republicans, independents and possibly some democrats. The establishment talks about expanding the party, but they really don’t want to… TRUMP DOES.  Often we hear that Trump isn’t conservative enough, has supported personal interest in the past that weren’t in line with the republicans talking points and might skirt too close to the democratic line.  For all the reasons that the republican establishment hates Trump, those are the reasons the moderates and fringe voters have gravitated to his campaign.   Trump will likely do something that has not been done in decades… expand the base, energize the electorate and get the folks to the voting booth.   Trump supporters are staunch in their support and unlikely to change or shift allegiance mid stream (thats been proven over and over).  I anticipate Trumps support to grow slightly as other candidates drop out or become unelectable.  As most, I tend to not tell people of my support for Trump because of the backlash or explanations I might be forced to give, if this sentiment is the norm we may see an even greater margin of victory for Trump.

Why are so many passionate for Trump? Trump says the things many believe yet won’t say, lives the life we all want but won’t admit and may end up with the job we all aspire but likely could never achieve.  I don’t believe Trump is a racist, I think he generalizes situations that involve similar people like the Mexican wall and the Muslim crisis. muslim terror  The reason Trump is categorized as a racist is because he speaks without a filter like 99.9% of the world.  It is this lack of filter that attracts some and pushes away others.  The real question will be; does the Trump phenomenon get people to the polls?  As someone who attended a Trump rally, I believe the answer is yes, people will pull the lever for trump in big numbers.

The establishment better get used to the fact that TRUMP might be the nominee.


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