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Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, that is the question.  Often people ask me what political affiliation I am and I immediately reply Republican with a disclaimer or caveat.   I find it difficult to toe the republican line with every issue, but I certainly am not a Democrat, I could be a Libertarian I guess.  It seems today that if you aren’t a hardcore ultra conservative you are then shunned by the Republican establishment.  Often I hear that this candidate isn’t conservative enough or he’s not a true conservative.  Does one have to score a 100 on the Republican test to pass?   Here are a few of my beliefs, you tell me what I am.  I call myself a Republican because those are the ideas and beliefs I most identify with and agree with, but not 100% so some might call me a RINO, which is ridiculous.

  1. I am not in favor or unneeded entitlements (welfare for capable people) or services that truly aren’t needed like, free cell phones.  There should be a much greater scrutiny of recipients and expectation.  If you receive funds, housing or services then you should have to work / volunteer in your community.  We must help only those who CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES.
  2. I am in favor the of 2nd amendment.  Guns don’t kill people and if made illegal only criminals will have them.  No matter how much the President cries, criminals will get and use guns.   I have guns.
  3. I am in favor or STRICT immigration.  I know we are all immigrants except for native Americans, but that argument is no longer applicable.  If we limit the immigration to only those capable of improving the “AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE” America would be better.  NO WELFARE FOR IMMIGRANTS…PERIOD.  Immigrants must assimilate.   Refugee Immigrants from Muslim countries must be prevented from entrance to America, valid travelers for business and commerce is ok.
  4. I believe Muslim’s must speak out against the so called “radicals”, which they aren’t.   Muslim entrance to the United States must be curtailed.  We need to strike down any “sharia law” crap.  America should be concerned about the Muslim movement.  People speak of islamaphobia, which sounds like a unnatural fear.  The reason for the fear is real and needs to be dealt with.
  5. I am not in favor of abortion, but I don’t think I have a right to prevent a woman from having an early term abortion.  I once heard the statement, “if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one”.
  6. The environment and wildlife needs to be protected and cherished.  Commerce can not come at the total expense of the planet.
  7. We need a strong military, but must be cautious with it.
  8. We CAN NOT give everyone a free education and healthcare.  People should have to pay for some of their own things.  America has become the greatest country because of it’s capitalistic approach to its economics.   What works in smaller countries doesn’t necessarily translate here.
  9. I believe in the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes.
  10. Veterans should be helped before 1 more immigrant is allowed in this country who is provided $1 of American aid.
  11. NO illegal or undocumented person in America should be given citizenship or be allowed to stay.  You must come to this country the proper way and then you should be received with open arms.

I grew up in a poor house with democrat parents.  My Mom told me that democrats were for the little guy who needed help.  After college I began to have my own opinions and became a republican because I didn’t think it was the governments job to help me, it was mine.  These are some of my beliefs and thoughts, certainly not all of them.  Leave a comment and let me know who you think I am or who you think you are.



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  1. Cliff, I agree with 99% of what you state. It’s interesting to hear how someones life experiences bring about their beliefs.

  2. I agree with most everything. I have to add. No race, religion or any other way of life that goes against our constitution will not be allowed in the U.S. Period. No benefits to any immigrant that is not given to Americans. Like business incentives, property etc. and only basic benefits for a short period of time. Complete stop to immigration until our security threat is eliminated and our budget is under control. U.S. can’t spend money we don’t have. Massive immigrant settlement in one area that will change the AMERICAN life prohibited percentage only 1 % in any voting county. Strict voting guidelines with citizenship ID period. I would present to congress a change in elected officials have to be born in the UNITED STATES. No immigrant who received citizenship has the right to become an elected official. Like senator or govenor. Homeland security personnel should also be AMERICAN born. Abortion I agree. If the baby can sustain life outside of the womb, the baby should have their own constitutional rights as a human being. A woman does not trump a child’s rights whether in the womb or in a crib. Also add that the dr should inform the mother of all abortion details and options like any other operation or medical procedure. Political affiliation talking points are ridiculous. Why dose need parties at all. Put your name in the hat and let the people vote based on what the candidates stand for. I haveno idea what a democrat, progressive, libertarian, republican or conservative really means. None of them totally stand for me. Term limits for congress, senate and Supreme Court judges a must or we will definitely have and do have corruption. Death penalty abolished unless life criminals attempt to or accomplish escaping. Then there is a continued threat to society and therefore need to be stopped by the Death penalty. My 2 cents.

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