GOP Debate Scorecard

debate Last Night was an exciting night for the GOP.  This was the last debate of 2015 and the last chance for some of the bottom feeders to garner any attention.   There didn’t seem to be any revelations or moments of surprise but there were moments of success for some but not nearly enough to make an impact on the national polls.   The resounding theme centered around the remaining 9 candidates offering opinions and input regarding Donald Trumps positions, statements and talking points.

As has been since the early summer, Donald Trump continued to be a political vacuum.  It was obvious that the moderator Wolf Blitzer  centered most questions and topics towards Trump, which seemed to be the correct thing to do based on his standing in the polls and the ground swell of attention he gets from the voters.  I don’t think there was a moment or performance during the debate that would shift mass support from one candidate to another.

Donald J Trump–   Donald Trump did his thing, remained constant in his message (Making America Great Again).  Trump seemed a bit reserved and a little less on the offensive than the past with exception to Jeb.  The most entertaining jab was when Trump talked about how Jeb was moving farther away from the center and soon will be off the stage based on poll numbers.

Ben Carson–   Dr Carson continued on his sleepwalking tour.  I would only hope either of my children are half as successful and Dr. Carson but he just seems to be a bit to lethargic for the highest office in the land.  I know Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”, the problem with Carson is that it is apparent he doesn’t carry a big stick.  Carson will continue to slide because it is apparent he doesn’t have what it takes to win and voters will gravitate towards a winning spirit.

Rafael “Ted” Cruz–   Ted Cruz seems like the most likely person that has any chance of catching The Donald in the next 40 days before the first caucus in Iowa.  Cruz seemed to do his best to seem presidential, conservative and powerful all while not poking the bear (Trump).  Cruz may have garnered some votes away from some of the other candidates with the exception of Trump.

Marco Rubio–  As someone who has spent time and supported Rubio during his Senator run, Rubio was typical Rubio last night.  Rubio has an amazing gift of orating his position that draws people in.   Rubio took a few shots regarding his position on immigration and being a member of the “gang of 8”.   If Trump wasn’t on the ballot, Rubio would have a chance, he can hold his own against Jeb, Cruz and the rest but his amazing charm isn’t allowed to shine in the Trump world.

Jeb Bush-   Jeb appeared like your friend that is just a bit awkward but has been your friend since birth so you hangout with him.  Jeb always seems to be searching for the correct word to say and it just seems choppy as opposed to someone like Rubio.  Have you ever seen that kid in the store who wants something from his mother but can’t have it?  That is Jeb Bush.   Someone has told him that last night was his last chance and he seemed desperate but just isn’t capable of a smooth delivery.   Jeb has no chance of regaining his chance of winning the nomination.  Before every baseball season there are favorites to win the pennant and fall short, Jeb was the preseason favorite.   There aren’t enough games left in the season for Jeb to make a run.

Chris Christie–   Christie is most likely the person that helped his campaign last night with his I WILL PROTECT YOU rhetoric.   Christie must have appealed to those out there that are fearful of attacks and Islamic dangers.  That said, I think when Rand Paul called Christie out for wanting World War III that affected my senses more than anything.  As quick as I was impressed with Christie’s stance on ISIS, it is a whole different set of circumstances going to war with Russia.   I don’t think we can shoot down Russian jets and think that is going to end well.  Christie set himself up to be the Attorney General by repeatedly touting his prosecutor resume.

Carly Fiorino–   Carly did nothing to improve or hurt her campaign last night.  She tried to explain how the private sector in silicon valley could be persuaded to aid America in the global fight on the web.  She stressed not talking to Putin and others from a position of weakness, I just don’t think these are the hot buttons of the likely GOP primary voters.  Carly has no chance of moving up in the polls.

Rand Paul-  Rand Paul continued on his I’m a different kind of Republican tour.  Many of the points Rand made were valid and made sense, they just aren’t in the same vein as the likely voters.  If there were no parties and politics were a free for all, Rand would appeal to many people across the aisle.  Rand also lacks the swagger and look of a president in this highly media saturated world we live in.

John Kasich-   Every time I hear Kasich speak it seems like he is using this as his re-election campaign for Ohio.  Kasich has no reason to be on the stage with the other candidates, he adds nothing to the discussion and is useless to bringing any relevant points or new dynamic.  I am not sure what anyone sees in Kasich when you have so many other polarizing candidates on the stage that could appeal to issues important to you.   Kasich was upset that he was rarely addressed or provided an opportunity to speak, he should just be honored to be on the stage.

Just my thoughts…




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